Originally known for South Indian Food and kitchen products Industries, Southindianrecipes.in is growing rapidly and that makes us so happy to tell you that we are offering sponsored posts on our websites.

We are having all sorts of categories related to food, health, recipes, and tips.

However, we are having traffic from almost all countries but mainly Tier 1 & Tier 2 Countries like the US, Canada, the UK, India, Australia, UAE, Germany, Singapore, and many more.

We accept sponsored posts on a global basis.

If you have landed on this page, I understand that you need sponsored post. But just getting a post is not enough, here is a key formula to get the maximum benefit of the guest post:

Key Formula | Sponsored Post For Better Ranking

“Traffic on Guest Post + Engaging Content + Clicks to Your Link on Relevant Anchor Text = HIgher Ranking Position

Do you agree with me? If yes, now let’s see – how we do it.

So, whenever you post an article on Southindianrecipes.in, it will get traffic. You need to be cautious with the topic only.

Engaging Content:

Yes it’s hard but if you work on the given points, you can do it:

  • Ask Thought-Provoking Questions to Your Readers
  • Give them a reason to read the complete article, YouTubers say it “Hook Up”.
  • Use metaphors, and similes inside the article to make it entertaining.
  • Have you ever listened to Anecdote? A short interesting story that connects everyone with emotions.
  • Facts make your content interesting.
  • Use of “I and You”. Don’t use Third persons like he/she/ they because no one gives a f**k about another person. Readers are on your page to read about you, to read about various things. Don’t let them feel bored!

Hard to do? Yes, it is. We are also having a team of writers who can work for you so you just need to ask about the writing cost in our email.

Ask Us About Content Writing Costs on Our Email ID

Here is the only way to contact me: [email protected]

Let’s proceed to 3rd step now

Clicks To Your Link On Relevant Anchor Text

Without any bridge, it’s very hard to cross the river and if it’s the ocean, you can’t cross it without a bridge.

Similarly, you need a bridge between the content you gave us and the content available on the anchor URL.

Build relevancy, and analyze- how a reader will click on your given anchor text and URL.

What Topics Do We Accept?

Just check out the categories and make a decision on your own. We accept articles of almost each and every category doesn’t matter which topic it is. But it should be relevant to the website.

We are having all sorts of categories related to food, health, recipes, and tips.


If you’ve followed these 3 steps accurately, You will get awesome results from sponsored posts and we try to be a partner with you on it.

Still, if you have any questions, you can ask us here: [email protected]

We Respect Your Privacy and Your Data Will Not Be Shared.

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