Sweet Corn Dosa Recipe | Instant Sweet Corn Dosa

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Sweet Corn Dosa Recipe is almost similar to the rest of the dosa recipes but this one will a bit different as there will be lesser time used in this recipe. This is because the batter made in this recipe is not kept aside to ferment as there is no use of rice. Only a little use of rice powder.

Other than that, what will be used in this recipe will be described in detail in the ingredients section. The main ingredient that makes this dish unique is the usage of Sweet Corn in the batter.

Dosa is a thin pancake or crepe which originated in the South Indian region. Dosa is made from fermented batter made from lentils and rice. There are other variations that can be given to the batter, in this case, sweet corn and other sweet variants are also available. It is similar to a crepe in appearance. Dosa is a common dish in South Indian cuisine.

Sweet Corn Dosa Recipe | Instant Sweet Corn Dosa

Difficulty: Intermediate Prep Time 15 min Cook Time 10 min Total Time 25 mins
Servings: 4
Best Season: Suitable throughout the year


Sweet Corn Dosa is a dish made from a fermented mixture of lentils and rice whose main ingredients are rice and black gram that are ground together with a pinch of salt and left to ferment. The dish is not harmful as it is made with minimal usage of oil and is tasty and crispy as well. Over the past few years, the dish has become popular all over India. The Dosas are served with various chutney and Sambhar as well. 

With people becoming health-conscious, it is a great recipe for health freaks. Great amount of carbs and protein to provide energy with almost 0% of oil.



  1. Seperate the corn seeds from the cob .
  2. Grind corn ,chilli ,jeera  and salt along with rice.
  3. Grind them to a nice smooth batter. Take the ground batter to a vessel.
  4. Add water generously such that the batter attains running consistency ( like milk ).

  5. Heat a tawa or nonstick pan. When the tawa is hot , rub it with a drop of oil using an onion piece.
  6. To the hot tawa pour a ladle full of corn dosa batter in circular motion. Start pouring the batter from the outside rim of tawa to inwards center of tawa. As the batter is thin ,it will become lacy .( The method of pouring this dosa is similar to rava dosa)  .Smear few drops oil around the dosa.

  7. Lid the tawa and cook it on a medium flame. Cook till bottom side starts to turn golden brown. Once it becomes crisp ,just fold and serve . No need to flip .

  8. Serve hot Corn dosa with coconut chutney / sambar / chutney powder.


  • If you want you can add a chunk of onion while grinding.
  • Rubbing onion to the hot tawa imparts nice flavor to the dosa as well prevents dosa from sticking to the tawa. This tip holds good while making any dosa.
  • If you want you can grind the dosa batter previous night and keep in fridge and use to make dosas next morning. But remember no need to ferment .
  • If you are finding difficulty spreading dosa, make the batter little thick and spread like normal dosa. But they won't turn that crispy.
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