How To Use An Electric Beater

How To Use An Electric Beater? A Complete Guide With Tips & Tricks

If you’re a mom, chef, or cook who loves to bake and make other delicious treats at home but doesn’t know how to use an electric beater, this blog post is for you!

In this article, I will cover what an electric beater is and how it’s different from a manual whisk.

How To Use An Electric Beater At Home, Restaurant, Or Cafe?

You should know how to use a mixer, and the various purposes it can be used for. Take a look at this list of tips to make your time in the kitchen more efficient and enjoyable!

1. The Right Tool For The Job

Everyone should have a mixer inside their kitchen, as it can be very useful for so many different things! When you have a mixer you will have fewer dishes to clean because you won’t need to use a blender, a food processor, and a stand-alone mixer which basically does the same thing as an electric beater.

2. Know What You Can Mix

A mixer is not only good for mixing, but it is also good for shredding and cutting. So if you like to make cakes, pastry dough, or any kind of pastries and cookies – a mixer will definitely be needed! Some mixers may even slice and grate vegetables and fruits; therefore, if you like making smoothies or salads, this is your best friend!

3. Cook Faster With High-Quality Mixers

When it comes to buying food processors and blenders people usually go for the cheaper option because they don’t know the difference between good and bad (however, I will be writing about this in my next article). When it comes to a mixer you don’t want a cheap one, because a good mixer will actually work better and more efficiently!

4. How To Know If Your Mixer Is Of High Quality?

The most important feature which makes a mixer so efficient is the speed – the higher speed you have the better! To check out how fast your mixer is, start by making a cream or whipping eggs. Tip: if your mixer can mix an egg without leaving any trace of it in the bowl then you’ve got yourself a quality mixer! Also, look for mixers that have at least 500 watts because these models are much stronger and more efficient than lower-speed versions.

5. Electric Beater Vs Stand-Alone Mixer

If you are on a low budget or don’t like stand-alone mixers, electric beaters are the way to go; however, they do lack some features which would come with a good stand-alone mixer. It is very important that you know what you’re getting yourself into when buying an electric beater because they can’t mix the heavy dough (for example, you won’t be able to make bread with them).

6. Tips & Tricks

  • Instead of using a hand mixer for the egg whites when baking try using an electric beater; this will save your time and energy.
  • If you like making mashed potatoes, you can use an electric beater to make them much faster and better!
  • An electric beater is also great for making mayonnaise or hollandaise sauce – it’s fast and easy!
  • If you need whipped cream quickly, but don’t have enough time to whip the cream by hand then just put it in the mixer and watch it go!
  • Making pasta dough? Beating together flour, eggs and water is the best way to create a good dough; therefore, if you have an electric beater then it will definitely help you with that task!


Whether you’re making mashed potatoes or pasta, an electric mixer will surely help you get the job done faster and with fewer dishes to wash (and it will be easier and more pleasant). If you can afford to get a good stand-alone mixer, then go ahead; however, if you’re planning on buying one of those cheap mixers from your local dollar store, I suggest you reconsider.

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